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The links on this page lead to other Clydesdale Draft Horse websites that may be of interest.

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Canadian Livestock Records Corporation: http://www.clrc.ca/
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.
Links to pedigrees of horses described on
the Wildwood Clydesdales website:
http://www.clrc.ca/cgi-bin/list.cgi? . . .
Clydesdale Horse Association of Canada: http://www.canadianclydesdales.com/
The Alberta Clydesdale Association: http://albertaclydesdalesandshires.org/..
The SaskatchewanClydesdale Association: http://www.saskatchewanclydesdale....
Wild Rose Draft Horse Association: http://www.wrdha.com/
WikiPedia - Clydesdale Breed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clydes . . .
Several detailed pages about Clydesdales
Maintained by Busch Gardens:
http://buschgardens.org/animal-info/ . . .

Reciprocal Links:
Other Clydesdale Breeders: http://www.raresteeds.com/
Everything about horses: http://www.horse101.com/



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